Thermoplastic Masterbatch Pellets                                                      

Containing heXo-G Graphene

                High Quality Few Layer

                        Graphene Powder

NanoXplore's heXo-G Graphene


heXo-G graphene is a highly versatile, graphene powder suitable for most customer applications. “High quality” in this context means both very low defects and activated edges. NanoXplore’s proprietary production process gently and efficiently creates pristine few layer graphene without creating crystalline defects. Graphene without defects however, does not bond easily with other materials and therefore it can be difficult to mix the graphene. heXo-G graphene is edge activated during production, providing chemical structures available to promote mixing.


heXo-G graphene has been optimized to provide the best balance of mixability and manufacturability. And this has allowed NanoXplore to focus on increasing manufacturing volumes and driving out costs.

Unlike low grade graphene, NanoXplore’s heXo-G graphene provides significant thermal, electrical and mechanical improvements at very low loadings, typically between 0.1 and 1% by weight. Competitors often require 5-10% by weight to provide any improvement and the “extra” graphene can cause process changes and other unexpected side effects. NanoXplore’s low cost graphene and the impact provided by the high quality heXo-G, combine to provide customers with better results at lower loadings, and all for a small fraction of the cost.

heXo-G graphene is suitable for a wide range of applications but is especially useful for polymers, lubricants, coatings and paints, composite materials, thermal management and energy applications.


Graphene-Enhanced Plastics


NanoXplore provides a wide range of graphene-enhanced plastic pellets with low loadings and in master batches (e.g., pellets with 15% weight graphene loadings). Plastics currently available include polyethylenes (PE), polypropylenes (PP), ABS and PLA, while many others are under development (e.g., polycarbonate (PC), polyester, SBR, EVA). For all these polymers, we have seen significant improvements in mechanical properties (e.g., tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance), and thermal and electrical conductivity.



Customized Graphene Solutions


Graphene is an incredibly versatile 2D carbon material with applications in almost every field of technology. As both a manufacturer and compounders of graphene, NanoXplore has the expertise to create solutions to customers’ problems.

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